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  • MaterialThe most advanced technology of instant snow maker.
  • Size400 * 870 * 550 mm
  • Weight86 kg
  • Payment TermsT/T
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Product Detail Information


 What is the Snow Story? The most advanced technology of instant snow maker.

◆ Product Competitiveness 

  1. The ice made by this machine have two different features at the same   time.

->fine powder like wet snow with insolubeness well like dry snow

2. Use not only milk, juice but also beer as ice  

ingredients. Have price competitiveness compared to other products.

3. Advanced Drum refrigerate & Nozzle injection Tech.

(Merge with best R&D team for Drum cooling Tech : application for a patent )

4.  Pressure Tech. make flash cooler in 20 Sec.

5. Sterilization 5ℓ at over 70by instant hot water. 

◆ Compact and well-designed(various colors are possible)  

  1. Colorful Upper display & bottom panel

  2. Luxury style : high gloss acrylic & Deco 

◆ High-end spec 


  1. Extremely high-end Specification

   (Spanish compressor, Japanese cutting knife, American O-ring etc.) 

◆ Quality & MaintenanceSystem 


  1. based on 17 years manufacturing experience, processing with Major  

    company by ODM  

  First amonr equals

    Using instant ice manufacturing technology(-28~32℃) 

 ◆ Self-cleaning

   Sterilization 5ℓ at over 70℃ by instant hot water. 




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