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Concrete pattern frame

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  • MaterialThe work place inscribed on concrete as Art form's in a fixed frame.
  • Size20 * 600 * 1200 mm
  • Weight700 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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  • South Korea South Korea

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Product Detail Information

What is the ART FORM? The work place inscribed on concrete as Art forms  in a fixed frame. At one side of Art form, various designs are relief and  using attached them to an general form (plywood, iron plat, steel form,etc...). It`s to express various design(natural stone, wooden figure,graphic,...etc) of shape of structure. Additionally our eco-friendly Art form pattern make escape from simplicity of various building, apartment and civil structure. After concrete work creative unique and various  design are engraved on outer wall stereoscopically materials of Art form art EPS,ABS,URETHANE. It’s  available any option depend on construction  condition.


* Form work

1.Have artform's fabricated and fixed pattern by pattern along a line over main plywood of construction from by nailing.

2.Spray from oil over artform(EPS form)using a spray or brush(No form oil needed for ABS form)

3.Artform's can be fixed either to the plywood prior too build construction from or to the builtconstruction form.

however in latter case,fixing work should be done before steel bar fabrication and construction form building work.

4.If the artform's needed to cut for building and fabrication of construction from,a sharp knife cutting is applicable.

5.Be careful to keep artforms assembled or fabricated in a desired order of pattern by pattern,or a reversed patterns carved.

* Concrete work

1.Aggregate size 25m/m and slump 12cm is recommendable when artform applied.

2.Artforms are designed and produced to keep enough strength over the pressure of concrete pouring.however,concrete pouring work should be to avoid pattern demage of artform.

3. Please keep the surface of artform in safe from demages while steel bar work.and vibrator should be placed in the mid of concrete poured to keep artform from demages while vibrating work.




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Concrete pattern frame

Concrete pattern frame